Introduction to 2048 Program Developed at CGI Lab

This page introduces the design of the 2048 program, developed in Computer Games and Intelligence (CGI) lab, led by Professor I-Chen Wu, at Department of Computer Science, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan; and also acknowledges the contributors who are/were the members of the CGI lab.

Design of 2048 Program (2014 May-November)

Source codes, statstic of performances, and more implementation details can be found on the Github of CGI Lab.


Kun-Hao Yeh (葉騉豪) 2014 May-November Main author for the 2048 program, based on Temporal Difference Learning and Expectimax Tree Search.
Chao-Chin Liang (梁朝欽) 2014 May-July Co-author for the 2048 program.
Chia-Chuan Chang (張家銓) 2014 July-November Co-author for the 2048 program, helped improve 2048 and applied to Threes.
I-Chen Wu (吳毅成) 2014 May-November Supervised the whole project.




Year Competitions Place
2014 Taiwan 2048 Bot Contest 2nd place (Silver)
2015 Computer Olympiad 1st place (Gold)


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  2. Kun-Hao Yeh, Chao-Chin Liang, Kuang-Che Wu, and I-Chen Wu, 2048-Bot Tournament in Taiwan, ICGA Journal (SCI), Vol. 37(3), September 2014.